About Tjeezers

The name Tjeezers was created around the year 2000 when the first Dutch Live cam Websites started to appear. The technology was based on Java, and the payment walls were called “Dialers” that you could access by calling a specific number for a certain cost per minute. These methods were the first layers of the Affiliate Webmaster Industry, one that yet had to be shaped and matured into a real business. Everything around Tjeezers originated from Dutch soil.

My first years and tears

In my first years, I had to discover the elements that were all combined into this new area for me. One of my first lessons was to build websites. I downloaded Dreamweaver and started to learn in the evenings how to make an Index.html page. In my first 5 years of being a webmaster, I was not self-sufficient and needed to work during the day time at my other job.

The first 5 years were chaotic, emotional, and a rollercoaster of situations and events that were all brand new to me. My only luck was that in those first 5 years I received help from a super-smart webmaster who was older and wiser than me. He informed me about certain scripts and certain techniques, and he learned me the value of proper account management. From having the passwords saved to keeping my server optimal and clean. This person has certainly changed the future in a better way for me. I can honestly say that the first years of learning were hard. Making mistakes is part of this. Learning and not doing them again is progress.

A key moment in my life

I do not come from an IT background world when I started this adventure. But Once I knew the basics, I started to see my own network. The possibilities and the future. In 2007 during my highest peak moment of learning and creating websites, my partner, Sandra, died. Suddenly everything I did and for whom I did it was voided, my life became a long dark tunnel and I was not able to see the light, just a glimmer of the glow of my own self. And that was fading rapidly.

Needless to say, a set of dark years were engulfing me, and my network at that moment was loaded with domains and concepts that I was losing my love for. I was not losing my will to live, but my will to work and feel anything at all was gone. I started in 2012 to realize that the world passed by me, and I was outdated and useless. My websites were all alive, but barely making me happy. The sources of all those virtual ideas came from a past where Sandra and I made decisions, and I lost that will to uphold those. It was time to move on. Maybe a new start? Selling AWMS and cleaning the plates and cooking something new.

Moving away to a new country

In 2015 I landed in Romania, and decided to rebuild some parts of my life, a private life, and a decent life as a digital nomad, as the years have brought incredible fast changes, I was about to feel good again and get back to my old self, be under the people, get out there, see and feel a new life grow. From losing Sandra till 2015, I buried myself in sorrow and turned into an introverted person, not connecting with anyone. It was time to discover the other side of affiliate marketing, an area I never stopped working in, always had online properties, but I was disconnected. I needed to work with people, and not for people. My financial situation was not perfect, every month was a battle, but till now I was winning most battles. Still, all came with costs, all came with emotional fights. Being on my own and antisocial a little, I had to endure my own ghosts and battle my own demons first.

getting back into action

2016 was my start at Brokerbabe, as an affiliate manager.
2017 was my start at Camplace, as a business developer.
2018 While maintaining my existing job, I also did marketing for a big cam studio
2019 I started to move inside the industry core and worked for a Live Summit company for 3 years

During my time working in the offices, I enjoy great support from Stefan Muehlbauer, Brokerbabe, he helped me get my mind in the right direction and before I knew it, I was back in the Live Cam Niche flying to the studios and getting them to work on Camplace. Stefan has proven to me that you can sometimes do something good, and something better at the same time. His self-help reflection and positive mindset infected me with confidence and results.

The above and many other smaller and bigger projects have widened my horizon and vision, and have given me a more complete overview of the live cam business. A complete understanding from the perspective of a webmaster, a studio manager, or as an affiliate manager for a company in need of traffic. I have handled all the projects and jobs with great care and picked up the knowledge that helped me put the puzzle pieces together. I Traveled the world to speak at many events, present seminars, and create new relations for the clients I represent.

This is all there is left to do.

Since then I am growing site after site, and enhance for many clients’ visibility needs and delivering solutions for green traffic. Thanks to all my previous projects. I have many skills acquired by learning from others. I see and observe how people sell themselves or their products. I know the human part of this business and the number part. Both come with good and bad days.

I see myself paying for services years ago, I have now learned to do it myself. Thanks to my friend in this business, an oracle voice I meet 2 times every 10 years. I would never have been able to do this alone, and this is why I dedicate my network to him and a few other close people in my life who have helped me get through the dark tunnel and have waited for me till I came out.

My network is my own proof to myself that I do not give up, even when life puts me down and I really want to be done with it, sometimes your work is the only distraction you have, and when you control your work, you can try to learn how to control life again. This network is not making me rich or is funded by a bag of lucky bitcoins. This network is maintained by quality sponsors who want me to help them get their names out, and I do that with love, every day!

Thanks to your support and your visit, this network was a heartbeat. And despite the fact, this is an adult network, and there is this huge stigmatization in this industry, it is still a fact that every website, every model you see, and everything that is contained in a picture or movie is part of humanity. And decent webmasters, like many others and me, are not aiming to spread dirt and shout on the street about it, we just aim to spread SAFE content that is LEGALLY created for the pleasure of our viewer.

I hope you enjoy your stay on my network, And I wish to thank everyone who has been part of my travel and those who still are. You know who you are!