About Tjeezers

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Nice that you have an interest in finding out what Tjeezers is about. The name is nothing more than a brand that was born in early 2000. Out of emotional and memorable reasons, I did decide that the name should always live on. The start of this name was with my partner, Sandra, she passed away. I would never want to forget the input, the energy, the things she learned me. Working for more than 20 years and looking back. I might have taken a few beatings here and there, but have never regretted one day being an Adult Webmaster. I am active in the Live Cam Industry, specializing in consulting Live Cam Websites and Studios and their Performers. I have an extensive amount of experience since I am actively engaged with Romania for 15 years, and have face-to-face contact with many people active in this fine industry, from studio owners to models, and from webmasters to live cam website owners.

Tjeezers is not just a name. For many people, Tjeezers is a Feeling.

In the first 14 years of my work as a webmaster, I was traveling between Romania and Bucharest and ended up becoming a fruit farmer in east Romania, for a few years I have been out of the public eye, dealing with personal things, and focussed on nature and running the farm. It was not easy. In 2014 I decided after a rough personal breakup that I had to retreat back to the city and gain full control back over my life, and rebuild my empire, an empire that I sold that time to build my new life as a farmer. I had years of focussing on new ideas while burning my skin in the sun. I had moments of sunshine in my brain while plowing the lands. I regained trust in myself back step by step and with help of my dear friends who have never stepped back from me.

Learning is one of the most painful things In life

So people say learning is fun. Well, I never liked learning. I was not a fan of homework either. What made you think or anyone else think that learning is part of the fun. It is not. It is a constructive path of criticism that can break you down and it can come with the pain that shapes through the broken glass you walk barefoot. The only way to liberate yourself from anything that prevents you from being who you are is to stop giving a fuck about it! Take the lessons, make better choices. Optimize from your memories, be a better self, and do the next day the same. Love yourself also more. All in all, being a webmaster is a lifestyle, and about this, I will share a little.

Yes, I had a choice, and I wanted to be busy with a dynamic business plan that has been born from out of the live cam industry. I love a good plan. Cause I hated school does not mean I dislike work, I love to work, I can work hard and long, and I am not complaining. I have managed from 2014 till 2019 all Aspects of the live cam industry. From cleaning a studio and managing the rooms to actually managing real people and monitoring their work. I worked for respectable names and connected in the meantime my name to ideas and brands I wanted to make money with. In the meantime my sites became more realistic, my forums had better information and my contact list was becoming more and more valuable to me.

When you work in the live cam industry, you work with trust, cause you work with people. Something I can say I have seen happen all the time is Seeing People Come and Go. Nothing is more depressing than seeing people come with all the energy of the world and leave without saying a word. In the last years, with the stress of all the social media and the choices and numbers of accounts people have, I just lost track of all a little. My memory is lacking me too. So, I decided to turn the tables, and give you on this domain, my home, an opportunity to connect with me. Or re-connect, that is always an option. Have a great day!


Consultant and Webmaster