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The evolution in the webmaster world has brought better scripts, plugins, and most of all, more actively engaged developers who work on the WordPress Platforms to improve the CMS as a whole and add perfection where needed. In return, all the websites I make run better and faster over and over again. By working on WordPress, I do not have to worry about things so much anymore. Millions of websites are using the WordPress CMS, so in return, many engaged webmasters help to upgrade where they can to make it perfect. This means for me that I work on software that is kept Up to Date! For the last 7 years, I use only the CMS of WordPress so that I can translate the site and the management easier for the client. Once they find out how easy the WP navigation works, they feel more confident and have control over their own domain name without the need to involve 3rd parties. The presented product here is fully compatible with the CMS of WordPress. You need to install a free version of WordPress on your own host to be able to use it

Best Webmaster/Green Traffic Product since 2020:

Adult Video Traffic

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Traffic is generated by putting content online on your website. You will have to edit the content and optimize it and make sure it ‘becomes’ original. Around the content, on the website itself, you can place links and banners and send the clicks to landing destinations of your own choice. For this product, you do not need to own the movies yourself. You do not need to keep archives of 2257 documents. And there is no need for huge space on your server. The process of placing content online is where the difference is made and additional value is added. It would be silly to think that I would just produce copies of existing tube sites. If you check my work, you will “get” the idea of what a Tube site should look like.

The tube site script is connected through an extensive list of APIs provided by the best tube websites with the ability to place millions of videos on your own tube domain and show it to your visitors. You can work in countless ways and keyword and categories search in the admin area make it possible to produce original tube sites with original sets of movies.

Make the website self-sufficient by selling link spots to your partners and friends. With proper and smart management, the website will make a profit in the foreseeable time. Using Link exchange services like can increase your website numbers significantly.

Package 1 “Silver” $50,00 p/m

  • One tube site – Embedded API Managed
    • Included: One API Cam Site
    • 10 Updates per month/cycle
    • Every update = 50 New movies
  • Cost per month $50,00 Per Domain Name
  • 1 Time Setup Fee of $200,00 Inc License
  • Additional: Double the updates for $30,00 p/m p/d

Package 2 “Gold” $100,00 p/m

  • One tube site – Embedded API Managed
    • Included: One API Cam Site
    • 15 Updates per month/cycle
    • Every update = 75 New movies
  • Cost per month $100,00 Per Domain Name
  • 1 Time Setup Fee of $200,00 Inc License
  • Additional: Double the updates for $30,00 p/m p/d

Pimp Your Package Times 10 and go big! Ask for Special Offers!

Package 3 “Platinum” $125,00 p/m

  • One tube site – Embedded API Managed
    • Included: One API Cam Site
    • 20 Updates per month/cycle
    • Every update = 100 New movies
  • Cost per month $125,00 Per Domain Name
  • 1 Time Setup Fee of $200,00 Inc License
  • Additional: Double the updates for $30,00 p/m p/d

Special Offers For CherryCash Affiliates

All Active affiliates will receive a 5% Additional Discount. However, active affiliates selling more than $1000 gross a month will receive a 15% discount for that month.

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You own the traffic

When your site gets a decent amount of Long Tail SEO traffic, you should use the option to monetize your tube site with (affiliation) links. Every add zone belongs to you always and forever. The HTML code can be inserted from off the admin panel. And remember! The site and all her content belong to you and will always belong to you. You own the traffic and you can do with it what you want.

Every Tube site has 8 Zones where you can place advertisements/HTML/Links

You own the domain name

The value of your domain will grow, time after time, and the more you invest, the more you can expect to come back over time. You own the name. If you stop paying for the domain name, you will lose the domain. If you sell it because someone offered you a pot of gold, then so be it! You own the name and it will remain yours as long you pay the yearly registration fees. Pick the right name, and be sure to add a few extra years of registration to extend the expiration date. It can slightly help you gain more trustworthiness from the search engines.

Everything is on WordPress

This comes with the incredible advantage that anyone who is familiar with this content management software can run the website without any problems. Or when you work with more people in your organization, handing over the knowledge on how to maintain the website is a breeze! All the software used is installed through “Themes” and “Plugins”. There are no other requirements. All settings for the updates can be automated. Low Maintenance with maximum admin user management that helps you to easily operate all parts and areas of the websites.

This is a perfect product for Webcam Facilities.

This package is perfect for live cam facilities in all sizes that work with their own models. They can increase their facility revenue up to 45% by starting an affiliation partnership with the web site’s sponsor program. Inhouse traffic means more sales and higher additional revenue as an active website affiliate. Send your Adult Video Traffic to your chatroom and increase sales potential and encourage your own models with more active surfers that have an HQ rating because they “clicked” voluntarily to visit the room. The average sales ratio is 1:40 with in-house traffic generated from your own tube sites and sent directly to the cam rooms! The setup fee also includes the support in creating all the live cam sponsor accounts you need to take maximum profit from being an Affiliate Webmaster and promoting your own models.

But wait… there is more...

Extra Additional Webmaster Products

Sometimes you wanna pimp your ride, and go a little faster! This is possible. I am also open to challenges from time to time. These are the more personal Tjeezer products I offer. Long story short, information is key, maybe it is not always cheap, but making mistakes can be more expensive!

  • Buy Blog Updates for your Website for $9,00 per post containing 450 words. (discount for bulk)
    In case you own a blog live cam related and want me to write about the models that work on your white label, I will be happy to do so. I will also help you with the link management in these posts so you can also track the results on your end. Limited Time Spots Available on weekly bases. Give me a shout when you want to add some soul to your posts!
  • A video call with Tjeezers for $70 per video call
    Obviously much cheaper than a live cam performer, but still exciting as fuck. I am providing 1on1 video call sessions for live meetings. I even give you the opportunity to record the call. In case you want to listen to it at a later moment from a different perspective. A video call duration is minimal 90 minutes.

In conclusion

  • All scripts that are used will be licensed to you. You will be instructed during the setup process to purchase the license codes. I do not own the rights to the script, although I work for years with these products, they are not made by me. My product here is my service as a webmaster to make sites/domain names productive and valuable and work on them to grow the traffic.
  • All clients will have privileged access to my line of communication, WhatsApp. My Personal Service and Support are one of the most important additional items I am offering to clients. This support is free
  • I can guarantee you for sure that I am not a coder. I dislike diving into a or any backend for that matter. If you need good coders, go to and find “Konrad” or “cyberSEO” they are pretty good.
  • Pausing updates and restarting is a freedom you have when working with Tjeezers. The Update Cycles are paid per month. Pause or Unpause by sending a message to the website WhatsApp account. Wait for confirmation, and all is done!