API Cherry

API – Application Programming Interface – Cherry

The advantages of using APIs for your website are in regards to branding. You can keep your traffic on your website, and still generate sales for the webcam site. BY placing the API code inside your website, you will always have content online we are working with on Cherry. tv

What sites can use an API?

Review sites are excellent for the use of an API. When a lander is made on their website with a review for Cherry, an API/Frame can be added on this page, and there is a more direct POS for the webmaster on the page. If his text link not works, then the models in the API can still help in this.

Membership sites are content platforms, videos, and pictures in a certain niche (fetish, amateur, pov) where the member pays a fixed price for using the content per month. Most of these websites do not wish to act as an affiliate on their own members, it would downgrade their own domain. However, additional upsell products like Banners and Iframes are optional for the website owner. He can increase his earnings by offering content that is no contrast with his own content but can work with micro-niche live cam categories. Fetish member platforms would do well adding SM Live Cam Shows through an API inside of the member area. We call this Upselling.

Live Cam Portals are platforms that combine the offering o multiple cam sites in one website. https://www.rampant.tv is a perfect example of an API project, he is having cams.com/livejasmin/streamate in his offers. Most of the time these kinds of affiliates demand a few hours of coding support to make it look flawlessly appear on the website.

How to push it

I have pushed CamplaceAPI by first making a posting, offering the product, telling about it, and explaining to the webmasters the API can match well for them when they are focused on the branding on their own domain. Many webmasters know for years already that branding on their own domain instead of sending traffic to the sites directly has a greater value, higher recurring spenders. By working with a Cherry API you will generate sales inside your own website based on the cherry software and models. There are lesser leaks for the webmaster his traffic.

API’s are considered unique and create opportunities for webmasters. However, critical technical support is missing from most cam sites affiliates, and this is why a lot of webmasters have been left out and are not taking the opportunities to work with API.

They are not easy to be removed!

Once a webmaster is making sales/revenue/signups through his API, it becomes more interesting for him, and for cherry too. Mostly after some activity is measured, the API remains for a longer time on the site, in contrast with banners or pictures, an API can survive on the website for a long time even when sales and conversions have been lower than normal.