Cherry Project

Start project 22 February.

Update number 001
$280 Invoice sent.
10 Domain names HQ – 1 Server host

This page contains links to projects I have made with the focus on promoting and branding Cherry. tv on a network of sites that are being built right now and will be traded and active by link exchanging and continuous updates managed by me on daily basis.

All sites are hosted on a dedicated server, and while new sites are added, somewhere during this project a stage will start where we use SEO strategy hosting plans for groups of sites.

All sites that are added to this list are also receiving daily updates and are considered active. For the cam aggregators, these updates are through crone jobs, but strategically placed on scripts from which the owner/coder is in conversation with Jolene to add Cherry as a WPplugin. (Wplivecam)

Tube Sites with Cherry Advertisement on Aged Domain Names Up to 22 Years old

  1. 138 movies loaded
    New since Feb 2022. Domain and content hosted by Mojo
  2. 812 movies loaded
    online since 2006-07-06, and per direct dedicated to
  3. 230 movies loaded
    online since 2014-11-06, and per direct dedicated to
  4. 118 movies loaded
    online since 2008-01-31, and per direct dedicated to
  5. 198 movies loaded
    Online since 2017-06-10, and per direct dedicated to
  6. 261 movies loaded
    Online since 2001-08-21, and per direct dedicated to

Movies updates will soon increase with higher numbers, but in this early stage, we have to build them first and monetize the frameworks for new domains.

Cam Aggregators with Cherry Advertisement on Aged Domain Names Up to 14 Years old

    Online since 2008-01-08, and per direct dedicated to
    Online since 2011-12-07, and per direct dedicated to
    Online since 2009-11-22, and per direct dedicated to
    Online since 2008-05-15, and per direct dedicated to

Work in progress

Every week new domains will be added. I have at this moment a huge collection of aged older domains with history in the making. In collaboration with George, I will add new concepts to this growing network of Cherry Websites.

Note about the sites.

All the sites I produce for Cherry are clean of popups and exits. My goal is to make the user clear that Cherry is promoting webmasters to make nicer cleaner sites with more movies and lesser banners to various websites. Now, for the webmaster, that idea might not be appealing, but for the surfer it is. There is growing frustration among the surfers about the paradoxes of choices and the missing of exclusive networks where all categories were handled before sending out the visitor to a trade partner. No Circle Jerking, this will become a network people return back to!

The Cam Aggregators will have the Mixing In Effect. People searching for Jasmin models will be landing on one of these aggregators and be confronted with the branding of Cherry. We hope with these concepts to steer the model name type-in traffic to a newer brand. Recognition. These domains will be mixed into ABCDE trading into the Tube Network.

Review sites, from which is one in the making as we speak, I have still work to do on the layout of the script. The rich WP Widgets updates have increased in the last year’s functionality of the design, so updates are expected soon.

All statistics, traffic, website data are tracked by WP-Matomo.

All sites use enterprise licenses providing unlimited access to creating unlimited domains.

Project Needs on a Monthly basis

  • Costs of a Dedicted Server.
  • Cost of Domain renewals.
  • Update and Maintenance work fulltime.
  • 2 Enterprice licenses.

This page will be updated on 10 March 2022 with New Domains and Progress updates.