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AADesign - Brand Strategist, Graphic and Digital Designer

Design that catches the eye. 


I , Tjeezers, have always been an amateur regarding design. I never could reach that higher level. And I have no time to do that also. We, webmasters, need our hands free, and we need a little extra added value-added to our sites from other experts. You know, not everyone has the same skills, and you have to agree sometimes that you need to hire someone. And in my network, I have a few extra hands close by that are skilled and crafted and know how to move the mouse around. They have this line from the brain to the eye to hand. They see things I would not see, many of us would overlook.

So, this post is dedicated to AADesign, and it is a one women show design company. The sky is not the limit, and with Anahid, you will be in good hands. She will make sure that she sees what you are imagining, she will bring your vision in digital format come to life online. The reason why I like the fact she is a One Women Company, it makes everything easier. Communication is clear. You will be taken personally into her account, and with every step she makes, you will see it along the way. There is this uniqueness you experience when you work with 1 person who can do it all.

Anihid describes herself as a Brand Strategist, Graphic and Digital Designer, and Creative thinker. Now, that's a lot I hear you think. And we all know how nice titles are sounding. But from personal experience, I can say, that is not even all. She is more than that. Just check out her site, see the showcases, and check the brands she is presenting. You will be in good hands!


The art and practice of planning, projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

Skills: Brand Development | Graphic Design | Web Design | Layout | Logo| Logotype | Artwork | Visual Identity | Corporate Identity | Editorial Design | Type Design | Infographic | Exhibition Design | Environmental Design | Photography | User Interface Design

Freelance Graphic Web Designer