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Adult Industry for Ukraine

Hello Adult Industry Fam!

Have you ever asked yourself, “If war happened in my lifetime, what would I do? How would I act?” Now is the time for action, and we need your help! We are organizing an campaign targeted towards people in Russia and Belarus with the purpose of informing them about the true tragedy of war in Ukraine. We will run geo-targeted ads to as many Russian and Belarusian users as we can to help spread awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Additionally, we are organizing meetings in cities in Russia and Belarus to protest what’s going on. This is possibly the most meaningful way to achieve real change in the war, and this is something that YOU can actually help with today.

Please join our Adult Industry community Telegram group here ONLY if you are willing to help. In this group, you can request creative assets, and our group of volunteers will make them for you.

Time is of the essence.