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Connect On An Emotional Level

Why is this post about emotional connections?

There are a lot of topics I avoid sharing my opinion about, but this one I found intriguing and haunts me for months if not years. Why would a Person spend Money on a Live Cam Performer? Yes, that is a very good question. And it would only make sense it if was for the Additional Value offers alongside all the free sex that is already available online for everyone to see. And that is exactly it, it is that Cherry on the Pie experience you can have with real people open to having sex with you, and it is as close as you can get. So, it really comes down to that Emotional Connection a Performer is able to build up with her client before they can both enjoy a long private sex session online. Statics have proven over and over again that the longest holding times performers are having are with members they have an emotional connection with, a member they ENJOY spending private time with. I put a few pointers here that I and others consider being part of Building an Emotional Connection.

1. Keep it Mysterious but Sexy.

It’s no secret that men like sex. Not only because it feels good, but because it boosts his ego, makes him see you in a sensual and powerful light, and it makes him feel a connection to you. Your moves and your eye contact with the Webcam are important tools to enhance these ego emotions. Show him that sex is not a secret, but keep it mysterious, that is the new sexy. The mysterious parts can be added suggesting and initiating the option you are open for sex, most of the man like it when a woman expresses they want the same as he does. But keep it mysterious, while expressing empathy on the moves and keeping eye contact with the web camera regularly!

2. Physical touch is important.

The physical touch can be simulated on the webcam by using the following methods. Holding and crossing your arms, and stretching them out expresses that the model feels comfortable. A model can also Hug Herself, in this way she expresses the experiences a physical touch through his words. He will feel a building connection. Another method is sending kisses. While the idea might sound outdated, the art of kissing online and sending it to the viewer is worth it mastering those emotions and transferring them. Keeping eye contact with the webcam is at all times needed when expressing a physical touch. Or whispering his name.

3. Keep it a little in the dark.

I can't emphasize enough here that the art of Mystery is one that produces interest. If you want a man to create and build this emotional connection with you, he will have to invest time. By being a model, and not oversharing your life, he will have to create alluring feelings and feel that he wants to know more. Keeping your life a little in the dark gives you more control in those moments you are feeling he is slipping away, and becoming bored. Background Items might add to Q's and A's for mysteries. For example, a Painting, a Picture, a Certain Item. Those items can carry a story.

4. Ask him about his life. 

Asking questions to gain an emotional connection is a good start, taking an interest in his life. Ask about his work, a good guy loves to talk about his work. His career is important to him. When you show him respect and appreciation for his hard work, he will get a compliment he never gets to hear much, to begin with. A hard-working person is a person who is humble and emotionally connects by receiving and accepting a compliment. In the end, the Get to Know me Game is a playful game that provides lots of keynotes leading to new conversations. However, do not show an overly generated interest, this would appear deceptive. Add a Point 2 to the mix when you feel oversharing danger is coming.

5. His Hobbies are key to connecting.

Guys are sharing an emotional connection easier with people who share a common interest in one of their hobbies. They are happy to share a passion with like-minded people, it is an emotional connection. Do not fear to show and share interests. Ask for his hobbies and pick the one you like and share your interest and passion in return. You can both excite each other with words and feelings about a commonly shared passion. This is an emotional connection with memory effects.

6. Show him your affirming attitude.

A man is comfortable around women with an affirming attitude. However, that does not require you to give him a compliment for everything he does, there is overkill danger here. However, not many couples are stimulating each other's achievements, and compliments are rarely made. Find the thing you like about him, and tell him how much you appreciate that in him. It can be achieved material possessions, houses, cars, bitcoins, or his humor, the way he makes you feel comfortable. Make a sincere compliment, but make one from the heart.

7. It's all about respect in the end

It is a given truth that Giving Respect makes you Receive Respect in a relationship. The building blocks are needed to create a strong emotional connection. When you are respectful to a man, he will be respectful to you. Respect can be given in conversations, when options are shared it is of the utmost importance you can weight to his words, but without judgement. You do not have to agree with someone's lifestyle to still be able to show him respect, even when you think he does not deserve any of it. Emotional connections last without making judgment and avoiding confrontations to make the emotional connection as strong and reliable as an anker.

Thanks for reading,



All 7 pointers are unique, however, you can combine those 7 in endless ways and orders. Asking about his life (p.4), and giving him a virtual hug (p.2) can generate a more personal emotional connection. You are free to combine and be creative, as long you bring it in a sincerely positive way you will NEVER be on the losing end of the conversation!