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Create a Chaturbate Whitelabel site

Why is it better to set up a Whitelabel site rather than just linking directly to it?
Cookies & bookmarks. Whitelabels convert 10x better than direct referral traffic.

When I set up my first Whitelabel, I was slightly confused about a couple of things and never got a response from their support so I just had to use trial and error to figure things out. In hindsight, it's really easy. If you have unused/parked domains, you might make some easy money by directing them to a Whitelabel.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Register a domain name.
  2. Sign up for an affiliate account if you don't already have one.
  3. In the affiliate area, click on "White Labels" and then click on "Add a new Whitelabel".
  4. Choose your design from the Preset Color Options.
  5. Create a .GIF file that is 200x50 pixels and matches the background choice of your Preset Color Options.
  6. Upload your .GIF file to be your logo.
  7. Enter something for your Chaturbate alias. This just has to be unique. Often, your domain name (without the (dot) extension at the end) is a good choice.
  8. Now just fill in your Site nameDomain name, website Title & Tagline
  9. You can tweak all sorts of color options if you want, but for now, it's safe to scroll down and click "Save".
  10. Finally, go back to your domain registrar or wherever your DNS servers are located and change your site's IP address to resolve to

Once the DNS servers propagate your changes, you can start sending traffic to your domain.
Within a short time, you will become rich beyond your wildest dreams. If you are not an Affiliate yet, sign up here.