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Energise a Quiet Chat Room

If you’re an introvert, or if your cam room is filled with introverts who may feel self-conscious talking to a babe like you, more than a few awkward minutes of silence may ensue. However, even if you are blessed with the gift of gab or more extroverted fans, those inevitable breaks in the flow will eventually occur. And nobody enjoys an aloof or unresponsive cam model, which means it’s up to you to make conversation.

It’s understandable that getting people to engage can sometimes be challenging, and it’s definitely not unheard of for a model to blank or get some brain fog — we’re all human! But not to worry if you’re tongue-tied. Here are five conversation-starter topics that provide a little inspiration.


Get your GIF game on and brush up on those memes! Everyone loves to laugh, and this approach is a really great way to help your fans relax — you can even encourage them to share their best LOLs with you too. Whether it’s some adult humor or cat videos, let the good times roll. And if someone is trolling or ruining the fun, feel free to mute or boot.


People love spilling tea, but they also love an escape from everyday life. So if celebrity gossip is your thing, go for it. The possibilities are endless when you consider hot Hollywood couples, scandals, music news, YouTubers, fashion faux pas, and so forth — folks are bound to have an opinion one way or another on the latest cringe or drama.

Bring out your lurkers from their wallflower silence by asking them what wild gossip they think is true or fake, which memes they found the funniest on Twitter, or which ones you really laughed at.

You can also play “Bang, Marry or Dump: Celebrity Edition.” Have tippers submit three celebrity candidates and then have the room to guess which ones you would bang, marry or dump. If the majority gets it right, then maybe give them a bit of a sexy reward. Or try using the poll feature and have them tip you to guess. The possibilities to encourage tokens here are only limited by your creativity.


For sports fans, the way to their heart is definitely to show them that you’re psyched up for the next big game too. See which teams your fans like and even dislike the most. Stir up some lighthearted banter in the room. If possible, maybe even have the game on and invite fans to your room for a “watch party” with a “half-time special.” Just be mindful of potential copyright issues or your platform’s TOS in case they don’t allow this. Conversations about big games or athlete social media drama offer excellent fodder for conversation!

There’s plenty of potential to up the ante here as well. While talking about games, how about starting a little competition in your cam room? Try playfully pitting your fans against one another to see who will tip the most to prove their favorite sports team is the “best.” You can also make your tippers battle for the title of king or queen of your room. Treat them like royalty for being so supportive and making the room get excited.

Getting to know your followers and connecting with them keeps your fans motivated and your room lively.


If athletic games are not so much your thing and you prefer video games or interactive fun, such as trivia or online poker, you will still find plenty of good company and eager respondents. Trivia games also offer a fun way to learn new facts and keep the room interesting. Charge to play and get everyone working towards a big goal with fun mini rewards in between, whether those are hidden in balloons, a spin-the-wheel, or just simple promises of dances or flashing. Give cosplaying as sexy gamer girl characters a try, or show off your knowledge of the latest releases that are making waves among Playstation, XBOX, and Nintendo fans. Even mobile games are ripe for conversation.


It’s true: intelligence is sexy! In my experience, new discoveries about space, animals, and technology are fantastic attention-grabbers. Ask what interesting science facts your room has heard or share something cool you learned about recently. Meanwhile, think about what interesting things your room can “discover” about you. Create goals and encourage tippers to place bets on how long it takes you to climax with a toy, for instance, or even how tall you are. It’s all in the name of science


Everyone will generally have opinions or responses if you ask, “What are your top favorite horror, action, or sci-fi movies?” Ask them what they’ve seen recently or what new releases you should look for in theaters or streaming. It’s also important for models to take advantage of the chance to promote their own content if the subject comes up. You make movies too, after all, so a cheeky comment mentioning your available content for purchase is an excellent marketing strategy. Exchange tokens for some of your hard work.

Similar to movies, asking what TV shows people are streaming or enjoying on cable is a great way to get folks jabbering about something they enjoy — plus, you get all kinds of sweet recommendations for your next binge session! Additionally, if a popular series ended on a strange note — i.e. “The Sopranos” — or you have favorite characters you still wonder about, chances are your fans do too!

Finally, don’t pass up on the opportunity to earn while having fun: Cosplayers, it is your time to shine. Dress up as your favorite movie, TV, or game character, or make it a goal. If you have always wanted to try cosplay, or have one in mind that you always wanted to do, encourage your tippers to help fund it.

Getting to know your followers and connecting with them keeps your fans motivated and your room lively. Find things that you have in common with your fans that you can integrate into your work. Expand your horizons — and have fun.

Robin LeFay is a founding cam model and content creator who can be followed @RobinLeFay on Twitter, @robinlefay93 on Instagram and