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How to Find Experienced Cam Performers?

Suppose you are opening your own live cam platform, what better way to start than booting up your site with cam performers who know how it works and what is expected from them. Finding experienced performers can be a tough task, as these models are most probably already working for one or more than one website. But still, even if they are working someplace else, you can hire them to perform on your website for a few hours per day. The best place to find experienced camming girls is social media, which is also completely free. But how, where on social media? Let’s take you through how and where you can find some professional cam girls.


Twitter is known to be the best site to promote your recruitment programs. Many camming girls chose Twitter to look for job openings in the adult industry. As Twitter is adult-friendly (sort of), there is no issue of getting blocked or making it difficult to look for the girls. Here is how you can find camming girls on Twitter

Hashtags: Search for the hashtags that are relevant to the programs you are trying to promote. May cam girls are looking to switch cam sites and you will find hundreds of such girls here. You can even tweet with some relevant hashtags about your job opening. If you are unable to find them, they will find you. Try to experiment with different hashtags and figure out which one works the best.

Twitter has a direct private messaging option as well. Recently, Twitter has allowed sending large messages as well, which makes it easier for you to compose longer messages with information about your program, along with links to your website. Find a cam girl and contact her instantly through direct messages.


Reddit is another great way to reach professional camming girls. Search and you will find several subreddits which are dealing with different types of adult industry niches. Through them, you can find several camming models by posting your classified advert on the subreddit. Just avoid posting spam links and be respectful, and it won’t be a difficult task for you.


Basically, Quora is a question and answer site, and it also has tons of questions regarding different adult industry niches. All you have to do is search for the desired question like hiring cam girls or cam girls interested, and soon you will find a question that has results with answers from cam girls looking for a job. As Quora does not allow affiliate marketing, you will have to find a way around it by being creative with your searches.

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is one of the greatest ways to find cam girls. Just like Quora, this is also another question and answer site, where you have to look for a question that is similar to what you are looking for. Find such questions, post answers on them, and use a link to your website. On Yahoo! Answers, there are no such restrictions as those on Quora, so it is much easier to find cam girls here.

Last note

We have mentioned several ways which you can go through to find and recruit models, to work for your website. However, there will be a number of models who are bad at being a cam performer, many people who will just waste your time. It will take some time before you find the right person. The key to doing that is to have a little patience and keep looking till you find what you are looking for.

Source: Best Live Cam Girls, Bogdan.