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Recorded Videos from Performers | StripChat


Stripcash is tightening the rope around the necks of those who record online video cam models and distribute this content without the consent of the copyright holder, the performer in this case. Tons of websites have taken this business strategy to record people without their knowledge resulting for them in a lot of search engine traffic based on the model name.

  • Recording webcam models to place the content on your own site is forbidden. Unless you have write consent of the holder of these images or and or videos.

Stripcash is sending out a final allert, but also sets the tone for those who think stealing is an accepted form to generate traffic. I will place the message here for you to read:

" Please note that we sent this message to all of our Partners.

We want to reiterate the importance of our Terms and Condition ( :

Hosting any recorded material without the owner's or company's agreement (videos/screenshots of live stream sessions) that belongs to a webcam model is strictly against the terms.


If your site contains such material, contact your Account Manager for the necessary changes (for example, using our API with GEO block enabled instead of hosting the material yourself). This violation can cause your account to be closed without further notice.


Stripcash Team"