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Succeed as Non-Nude Cam Model

If you’re considering stepping into the non-nude camming world, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not an easy road. That’s not to say that it’s not possible to make significant money while keeping all your clothes on. In fact, there are some truly successful non-nude models out there. But before embarking on this adventure, you must keep in mind that you will have to put all your efforts into it. Ready?


Surprisingly enough, non-nude doesn’t mean that there will always be covered skin. The model might actually get naked, but the focus of her room is not on nudity. While this might be confusing, the bottom line is that non-nude camming means different things to different people. Therefore, you must define very clearly what your room will be about and find your level of comfort in exposing your body.

Ask yourself questions like, “How skimpy do I want my clothes to be? Would I feel comfortable showing myself in lingerie? And how about wearing shirts without a bra?” What might now sound like a trifle, will later save you from answering users’ questions you are not prepared for. Users will test you and try to see how far you will go, so you’d better have your boundaries well set. Be upfront about whether or not you’ll strip on cam, to avoid wrong expectations.

Let’s not forget that you don’t need to be naked to perform a blowjob on a dildo or do some dirty talk, so defining your non-nude modeling also involves deciding if you’ll offer any sexual acts or if your show is going to be 100% sexuality-free.


Now it’s time for the fun part. Creating a persona is not unique to non-nude modeling; every model should have one to ensure they stand out from the crowd, though of course, it should be a reflection of your true personality for that authenticity factor. For non-nude models, it’s even more important, as they are navigating an extremely sexual industry, so they have to make up for the lack of nudity with an amazing personality that will keep users hooked nonetheless. Your best bet is to focus on your talent or specialty of yours and work around that. Think of something that you can do or that makes you special that no one else has. Then revolve your persona around that and reflect it in everything: your room, tip menu activities, personality, look, etc.


A big section of the male audience on cam sites is willing to interact, chat and play, sometimes even looking for someone to tell all their problems to without being judged. That’s the side that you, as a non-nude model, must tap into. These types of users prioritize social interaction over actual nudity, so your role is to be their friend and confidante.


  • Chat, chat and chat: That’s the reason why members will enter your room overall: to chat with you. Talking is also a great way to bond with them, become closer, and thus make them your loyal fans. Research interesting topics to talk about such as current events, etc. Another way to find topics to discuss is by looking for common ground with members. Get to know them and discover what subjects interest them. For example, if you have several people in your room that are fans of a certain show, you can organize open debates about it.
  • Play games: Games work for everyone, naked or not. You can play the innocent version of truth or dare, hangman, dice, or even create your own game. Another wildcard option would be the Wheel of Fortune, which is integrated into certain cam site platforms. Whether you use a physical spin-to-win wheel in your room or a digital one, users love to play to win a fun prize. To make it interesting, make the Wheel of Fortune about getting to know you better, adding prize options like telling something that nobody knows about you, etc.
  • Set goals: Use the goal feature on cam sites to your advantage. Since you can’t do countdowns for nude/sexual cam shows, have countdowns for other kinds of activities like going outside, baking cookies, or doing a special dance. The point is to give users something to tip for.
  • Hold raffles and contests: Raffles and contests are a great way to awaken the competitive spirit in your room. You can offer to send handmade or personalized presents to the winner, which will also help you build a stronger connection with them.
  • Sell content: Content is always king. You can take special photos and videos for your fans and monetize them. They will love to see snaps of you and your daily life. Remember also to keep in touch with users outside of the platform; that is, be active on your socials and keep them in the loop on everything that happens in your everyday life. Building your non-nude career and army of fans might take time, but it will surely pay off.