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Taken into account....

I have been here for 23 years and have seen my version of the Adult Industry and its so-called existence and evolution. One of the most boring industries ever if you ask me. I have taken no credit for anything they came up with or invented. I am just a Sober Dutch guy from the Northern parts of our beautiful countryside. Raised with sets of values, according to some.  Came into this industry with goals, and the willingness to work for it. Spending hours and hours, days and weeks, months and eventually years...

  • The industry can be entered by anyone with 20 bucks to invest. No wonder morals have sunk lower than the morale of the Russian army. There are no rules, no control, no what fucking soever. It's still Lalaland where bluffing fools make their first dollars.

I have, however, learned a few very valuable things. Friends are made for life when you start projects together. This is how it is. You do not give up on your friends unless they give you a reason. Your friends in this business are the people who defend you when you need it and will wish you good things. That being said, I think I got enemies plenty.   Never go in easy and think you can do it 123. There are lessons to learn and mistakes to make. Accept them, pounder on them. Learn and move on. Try to not make the same mistake twice.  And last but not least, take into consideration that determination and being consistent is a basic you need.  No one will give you the respect you think you deserve when you have nothing to show for it.

  • Build concept domains. Like Turkey scripts offer people an easy start-up, the adult industry has its own set of scripts you really want to try and work with. For a few hundred bucks you can start a whole Embedded Tube Network, and earn your first dollars with ad networks. Whatever your cup of tea is, ya only need a few bucks.

So, here you are. Browsing my sites, and wondering why you do not have what I have. You are asking the wrong question. Why are you not working yet on adding content to your websites? Why are you waiting to begin to be like me?

  • You can BE BETTER than I am. You can be BIGGER than I am. I am not that fucking special. I love to work, I love to finish tasks, and I love to work (2x). Maybe this is all it takes?

Being a webmaster is not that difficult if you take into account that you have to spend hours of work on your websites. I do the same. For years I drop 50-60 hours a week easy, and on the weekends I work for "free" cause it does not feel obligated.  You can do it!

So, today my positive goal was to tell people they can be better than me!
(God thanks for referral fees)