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What the duck? DuckDuckGo!

Privacy violation is one of the main concerns in our society. Increased surveillance, security breaches, and concerns about data sharing made us overprotective with our personal details or habits. We feel less and less safe with what we are saying (online and offline), what we are searching for online, and even with what apps we are using.

Google tracks almost all your activities through your smart devices. From the time you spend on each website, the products you click on, to the places you visit, Google is with you. And here is where DuckDuckGo makes its entry.

Despite not being so well known, since it was launched 11 years ago (September 25, 2008) it positioned itself as a search engine that values privacy more than anything. This search engine only uses cookies when required, doesn’t store IP addresses and it does not log user information.

DuckDuckGo was built as an alternative to big search engines such as Google that use tracking data to improve personalization. One of the first things you notice when you visit DuckDuckGo, besides the search box, is the reassuring sentence: The search engine that doesn’t track you.  

This search engine distinguishes itself from other search engines by showing all users the same result for a given search term, instead of a personal result offered by the data saved from the user behavior. It has over 400 individual sources, including Wikipedia and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo!.

Despite not being close to the search giant -  Google - DuckDuckGo is growing faster than expected. With a growth average of 50% per year and with an average of 47,225,192 daily searches in October 2019, it is a real rival for the more known search engines.

The online world is changing day by day and we are facing ethical dilemmas when it comes to remaining loyal to one big tech company. Right now there are no right or wrong options. Each one of us has the right to personalize our services the way we like them.

For now, Google is keeping us hooked with a large index and search features along with numerous services we use daily. However, it is refreshing and somehow empowering knowing that we have an alternative.

Using one or another should be just an individual choice. What is really important is that we need to be conscious of what we are doing and how we treat our online privacy. 

Stay informed for a better online (and offline) experience!