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What's the deal with Studio Trainers?

Good morning, 

Today I want to talk more about the Trainers and Admins that work on almost all the physical studios worldwide and type on the keyboard for the model remote controlled with all the members on multiple sites.  I have seen this phenomenon since day 1 working inside studios myself. In this post, you will find out that True Private Live Cam Sessions are never really private. You will learn about how studios add an extra Male Ellement to the chatrooms to higher the revenue and make more money from private calls. This is a lucrative business with 20 years of maturity in some countries. You can expect that a studio these days has a great impact on many lives, provides work and income and deals with more then just model management. No Names will be mentioned in the article, but I can only say the real traditional live cam experience is best achieved with a model working from her own home and is completely independent.

Let's first explain what a studio is. 

First of all, it is not a Virtual Agency. A studio is an actual facility with doors and windows, where models can work on scheduled hours in very nice rooms and work with perfect hardware equipment and are able to talk with their members through the PC and Webcam that is connected to the sites she is active on as a model. A studio will manage her accounts, as she will never own them, and her social media, if that is requested. They will also pay her every period (2 weeks) her earnings which are mostly close to 50% of her revenue. Not to mention, the site she works also takes a cut of her earnings. At the end of a model period she paid the site by having real-time the earnings deducted, and the studio.  For example, when she makes $100 with one client. The site will take a cut, and then that money that is left she has to share 50/50 in a favorable scenario.  In Studios where trainers are used, people who pretend to be the girl and talk for her in the rooms, commissions are paid to the trainers from the model her earnings. $100-30%=$70 (split by 2, her cut= $35) In most cases a model receives UP TO 50%, she will have to make a gross amount of money in a period to get that share. As you can see, websites have also creative systems to keep the model motivated. It works from multiple sides, obviously.

Todays Privacy for the client

A client is a registered member delivered by an affiliate to the website the performer is working on. When a client goes into a private session with the model that uses a trainer, then this training will always be watching and overseeing the entire conversation.  In almost all cases, all studios will have trainers/admins in the private rooms following every move of the model and the client. Cause of the many chats these guys have, they tend to slowly adapt to the model they are working with/for. The idea is that in time the trainer will help her find the big-money clients. He will then give her suggestions and advice on an internal messenger on what to do or what to say.  So, in short, websites that promise 1-on-1 true privates are flat out lying, and they are aware of this. A webcam site would be bleeding a lot of money if those "trained" models go elsewhere and make money there. There is no True Private Chat with a Cam Girl working from a Studio when you realize this and think about it really well. Also, to add to this. Offline messages are being sent to the model phone, but this phone is specially created for this model and is moderated and managed by her trainer. There is no such thing as a studio model who will answer messages in her free time.

Reasons a studio uses trainers

After many conversations and talks about this topic with people from the industry in the past 10 years, a few of the most used reasons for a studio to use a trainer is (1)  that the girl is not knowing English very well. (2) She is not able to flirt with clients cause she is not seeing it. (3) She is not able to use her brain and seduce a guy online without seeing his face. In most of these cases, I did ask how the English support was that is promised on so many studio sites through classes and school training. Many people smile and say "We do not want them to become to smart" and waved away the idea that a model wants to learn. Maybe... this is how it should be, people keeping each other dumb so they can make money together? It would be something if a studio trains a model that she decided to work from her own home cause she hates to see this 50% end up in the pockets of people who do not work for it so hard. Yes it happens, and yes, studio managers do anything and everything to keep a model close to them, if it means putting her in debt for her own house or car, then so be it!

Trainers add significant extra earnings to the account of the model they are talking for. The facts do state that guys online have hardly any idea they are speaking to another guy and that their girl is informed with a lag. Guys who talk for girls are gifted with sales skills and have the experience to be an online golddigger.  In a country where 800 Euros is a monthly income, a trainer for a cam girl will make an easy basic income of 2000 euros and he gets 10% of all the sales he made for the model.

This is a very profitable relationship. Studio managers have added this support for the model segment for the one and only reason, more money in lesser time. But this also means that the respect for a client his needs and wishes are taken as a joke. The client is only valuable when he has tokens on his account. And also that is something these trainers see. The website they are working on provides them with the information of their users. If they have done previous buys if they have other cam girls on their list, and so on. The trainer can see in a few seconds the sale potential, and once he feels it, he will hunt him for money pretending to be the girl, on 4-5 websites at the same time!

Why did no one tell this? 

Premium sites: Webcam sites made it a general secret that when working with studios, some scheduling and discipline can be expected. A webcam site will have more profit when the camgirl makes more sales. So if that means that sales will go up when male trainers are used, then so be it. All webcam sites have agreed with this from the start, and everyone is allowing studios to work with people who break the privacy promise and make the client look like a clown when he has his most intimate moment with a girl who is not even talking to him! So, sites like Livejasmin,, and others all know about this? YES... YES... YES... And we do know these same sites promise absolute privacy and intimacy with the model of your choice when you have a truly private.

Freemium sites: In general, this is where most people will also find out from time to time that the model is not typing, but there are a lot of her lines coming in the text chat. Sometimes the visitors of sites like these have a lower expectation of a private session and prefer group shows and do not really see details like these. In some cases members know, they are aware, but they still take the session for what it is.

So, no! The websites are not telling you that there are studios working on their platform who have their own way of dealing with the visitors and members of a cam site. Yes, the websites can identify every studio in their system. And yes, they even know most of the owners from the studio in a more personal way through summits and events where "business" is discussed.

How to become a trainer?

In Bucharest, there are many studios, and almost all of them use trainers and admins. They are being found on websites where people can find job offers. The title of the job is Administrator, so it sounds like administrative work with numbers and stuff, but the truth is more down to earth, you are the administrator of a cam girl her room, and her visitors, and you tell her what to do, explain to her what to say, or how to react, cause most studio models do not follow the chats, they just wait till the trainer messages her instructions on what to do. The time between sending this message and the model doing it is an average of 3-5 seconds.  Earnings start with 1500 euro a month, up to 3000 euro a month. It depends on the brand of the studio. The bigger studios do not pay by definition more. It depends on the quality of the models they have scheduled in that period. The period is 14 days.  Some trainers will be combined to work with top models, some trainers will be combined with models that have no experience. In most cases, the trainers working with top models make more money than those with average models. Yes, there is competition between the trainers in the studio just like there is between the girls.

So to sum it up, a studio trainer is not training anything or anyone. He is just the Typer on a keyboard for the Model. A guy who comes up with the sexy lines, naughty comments, etc, based on what he sees. A trainer can work remotely from another office/house and still operate inside of her cam rooms. A trainer is also called an Admin or Administrator, but it all means the same. A trainer always works with a set of models at the same time on more than just 1 webcam site. Sometimes up to 10 at the same time! If a model makes sales, 10% of her earnings go to her trainer. It is in his interest to make her sell more. 97% of the trainers are male. Young guys between 19-25 years young. It certainly helps to be slightly metrosexual and have no problems talking dirty to guys and having them go naked. In the end, it is all for the money!

What should happen?

In my eyes, it is simple. A certification system for studios has to be implemented. When a visitor enters a chat room from a studio model, he/she should be informed that the conversation is monitored by an administrator of a live cam studio. I do not have to explain that besides monitoring, there is a reasonable risk chat sessions are being recorded with a camera or through a screen recorder. Now, in some cases, maybe a woman and her husband do the same. A woman is on cam, the husband is typing. In this situation, it is easy to see and spot, and clients will make it a topic of the talk, but they do not think it is not natural. However, for a studio, the relationship between model and worker is not a romance, and hence for that reason, an administrator for a cam girl is nothing more than a salesperson who is pretending to be her and is actively lying to all the people in all the rooms.  You could almost say, this is close to a virtual scam done with studios in collaboration with all the webcam sites, with as only goal, to make as much money as possible by pretending emotions and faking intimacy.