Multi-Cam Project

Welcome. I am Tjeezers, and you are here because you would like to become an Adult Affiliate Webmaster for the live cam industry, work on this project to generate targeted live cam traffic, and while doing so, promote your own models if you have them. This is a Win-Win partnership. But nothing happens without rolling up your sleeves and putting in some work. Remember, once the big work is done, and everything runs, you only have to focus on minimal tasks, as the script is built to do most of the things automatically.

To have your most flawless experience starting up with me in this project, please follow the guidelines. They have been tested and will guarantee you the best experience with your website. These steps will include, your domain name and hosting solution. These are the two basics I want you to manage and keep in your own management.

  • Create an account with MoJo Host. Take a simple VPS package, VPS2: 2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD is 20 Euros a month. This is sufficient for the website.
  • Now you can order your domain name also when you are on your client panel of Mojo. Use the Register a New domain option in the top menu. The advantage by buying a domain at the company you host is that you do not have to mess around with all sorts of settings. Something that looks so easy but can be very complex.
  • Now, we have a domain name live and going to your hosting account. Cause during the registration process you have selected the option “Point this domain name to my account.” and you are done. We only need a Freshly Installed WordPress on your domain name, and we can begin.

The Affiliate Sponsors

These are the programs you have to sign up for as an Affiliate. They will provide you with a username and password so you can access their promo tool area and find your usernames or affiliate IDs we insert into the script. These IDs keep track of your traffic and report any sales you will generate, make sure you always double-check these IDs!

Be a good webmaster, save all your info on a sheet, and make sure you hide it somewhere safe. Once you are running sales and making good paychecks, you want to be sure everything remains okay. I do not provide backup services regarding your passwords and usernames, or email accounts for that matter.

Using my referral links gives you access to my karma.