The Toolbox

Throughout the years I have run into thousands of very good sites, tools, and places where I took inspiration from. I never felt the need to share those with the world, but on my own website, I am willingly going to share them with you. Now, keep in mind, some tips are for newbies, and you might laugh cause you are an expert, well, we learn every day new things, so I am not going to rank the tips and links on experience priorities. That’s why we call this page “the toolbox” … Anyways, enjoy this information, and have a great awesome day!

I will keep the links fresh here. Minimal chance for you to find a 404, but it does happen. Anyways, I also wanted to point out that some links are maybe not relevant to you, but they house a great value of information. So feel free to share my website with people you think would also like to see what is in my toolbox. Thank you for sharing and caring.

In the last years a lot of great development was made for WordPress. One of the Content Management Systems I use a lot for small targeted websites. I do not demand a lot, but have certain visions, and until now WordPress has never disappointed me. But then again, my focus for the moment is on writing daily content for a huge blog network. And WP is just made for that.