Traffic for Models

If you are a live cam performer, you will find out in time that traffic is the one and the only thing that makes your room go around. Visitors, people who come to your room. We call this “traffic” and when you have plenty of them in your room, you will notice that earnings become a more realistic thing. Traffic is Revenue, so to say.

On this page, you will find out how NOT to get listed. You will find out what my criteria are to be listed on the GREEN network, and you can find out how to get a SPECIAL LISTING for Crazy Traffic for free. You will also find here the information regarding costs. And I will explain here why I use the term Green Traffic. This page is updated on regular basis by me when I have new information that is relevant to you!

How to NOT get listed on the Tjeezers Network.

It is no secret that Tjeezers Traffic has made for many models a huge life-changing difference. After years of developing the perfect click flow, the studios, and bigger cam facilities started to see that the quality of traffic makes the difference. Better 1 bird in your hand instead of 10 in the air. So, let move to the criteria that get you ignored time after time. If you do think your room needs to be re-evaluated your room cause you took this message seriously, let me know!

  • Cam names are being examened. When you claim a name that is close to a name of an actor or a famous person, then I consider that as Cyber Squating. Look like brand names and celbrity names are being rejected. Pick a generic name that is not insinuating anything else besides yourself.
  • Profile text on your pages are being examened. When a traffic leak is spotted, your profile will be rejected. A traffic leak is trying to send our traffic to another destination.
  • Low quality of pictures with a depressing face. However, some call it a Bitch Face, I call it a depressing first impression. To make a perfect Bitch Face, you need to have decent model experience!
  • Dont Ignore Grey users and Intimidat free users. All traffic we send is non member traffic. Ignoring them or intimidating them is just utterly stupid and will result in us rejecting your profile.

How to get listed now?

So, now you know that as an affiliate, I try to get the best return on my traffic. Before the live cam world was a fact, I did send my traffic to quality content, movies, and pictures. So, handling criteria and working on quality come naturally to me. By sending it to models, I am aware I handle criteria that would only make sense in a business relationship, so, what I am saying is, whatever I pretend to know or think, do not take it personally! It is just business.

So, we are okay now? In that case, let me tell you what you have to do to be listed on the Green Network.

  • Send a email with your stage name only.
  • Accompany with an picture that you wish me to use.
  • Inform me about the times of your broadcastings, schedule.
  • Studios are mostly ignored, but you can try when you think you are special.
  • Are you LJ, SC, BC, or CB, tell me where you are broadcasting, splitcam yes or no.

How to get a special listing?

You want to be lifted up into the sky, the whole world should see you and find out more about you. We strive for this level of fame. But it takes some to get some. In collaboration with MrLiveCam and Elisa Vite, we have come to a new idea for the special model. If you participate in Elisa her Podcast, I will be the one who put your profile on TOP of a domain of your choice for the rest of the lifetime of the domain name. This means you will hold a premium link spot on a premium site and it will always be there. Special listings are only for those who wish to partake in Elisa her podcast show.

How much will I charge

I will explain again, I use a sophisticated label network for my green traffic. I add you to this network for no charge. There are no costs. I will send you traffic, true spenders. And the company you stream your webcam for will pay me a reward for every dollar I convert into your room. This is called an Affiliate Reward. For you, this means, a ton of extra money. For me, it means a model that is able to convert my traffic into money, the best trade deal ever! You have extra money, and I have!

All added performers are added for a lifetime of the domain name. No one will be removed. No one will be deleted. If you are listed, you will be listed for the time the domains are alive and managed by a person. All domain names I manage have been registered with 10 years of registration in front and 5 years of Hands Off Hosting Solutions per domain, in case I drop dead and want no one to find out. There is a diamond support package from Mojo host on all my domains. This means you can do whatever you want, you can crash me, you can hack me, you can think you take me for a ride. In the end, I tell Mojo to restore it all, and it is done. I pay for safety and security more than you think! All for peace of mind, obviously. Diamond Support packages are expensive, but this is something I pay with a smile, so I can keep up with being brutally honest and offend people without fearing for my work online.

Feel offended after reading this?

If you think I have industrialized the romance out of the live cam world, then let’s agree that I am not saying YES or NO. I am aware that my being online offends some people, and I have a cold approach. The Live Cam Industry is not a place for me to find love or affection. I am only doing this cause the content is dynamic, the spenders are recurring, and the rewards are more satisfying. I never have been in a private session with a model, I never felt the need to tell her to get naked. I am totally oblivious to what I am selling, but maybe this is why I make quality websites that are bulking of original content! Quality is KING, Content is KING.

What is Green Traffic

You have seen me use the term, Green Traffic. I use the color green cause the traffic comes to the domains through search engines. People are using certain words, key phrases, to find something they like. Green traffic is natural traffic. On the contrary to the other sources most websites use, I am staying away from artificial generating traffic. All my domains are stable and grow every month a little more. Not all the domains have a constant flow. Sometimes experimenting with content will give you some statistics that you can use to improve a new update. Below I placed 4 screenshots of 4 new domains I started early this year. As you can see, updating your website with original content, and keeping the message original will result in search engines finding you!

Generate your own traffic.

Nothing stops you from doing what I am doing. Buy a domain name, connect it to decent hosting and build your website. Sure, it will take time. To create a post you will need around 20 minutes each. And 20/30 postings a day, that kind of eats a lot of time. But when you get experience, the 20 minutes each become 10 minutes each, and you cut your work in half. And when things really become familiar for you, 5 minutes for a post, 2 hours, and you are done. This process of progression can take 1 year or 3 weeks. Some learn it in 5 days, and I have seen people picking it up in 2 hours. It is all about the willingness to learn something new. Now you wonder, can I do this too? Yes, You Can. Or, just don’t and ask me to add your name to my network then least someone is working for you.