Webcam Ukraine

We have many friends in Ukraine, and we are supportive and actively helping them and their fellow countrymen to feel safe in Romania. You can also help, do it! Glory for Ukraine!

How can you help Ukraine?

Support your local charity! Also, you can send a message to the Russian Ambassador in your country, and tell them to stop killing innocent people. There is also Facebook, find groups in your area where people ask for housing for their refugees. This is the news, but be vigilant. There is youtube. You can find out anything you want online these days. If you are a former soldier and feel the need to enter this live map, this is your chance. Anyone who identifies himself as an Apache Helicopter, do your thing now!

Support Ukraine in your own way!

Also, you can send tons of cash to anyone you know there. Money is probably the best way to help when you are on a long-distance. If you are in a neighboring country, like I am, you can open your house to refugees. Use your local social media to spread the word!

What is the best way to send money to Ukraine?

  1. The cheapest: MoneyGram and Wise.
  2. The fastest: MoneyGram and Wise.
  3. The best mobile app: Wise.
  4. Best cash pick-up network in Ukraine: Western Union.
  5. The cheapest for large transfers: Paysend.